Born 1963. Left school at 15. Politically active, distributing material for radical 1st of May Bookshop in Edinburgh and lending support to Anti Nazi League and Communist Party. Belief in the causes, but doubt in the followers. Fashion v. genuineness. Became apprentice compositor ­ laborious dead art of building up pages of typeface using individual lead letters. Formed Insane Society in 1982 at the genesis of the Edinburgh punk scene and went on to play bass in Napalm Stars. Gigged round the UK, regular at legendary underground club, La Sorbonne. Infiltrated Germany (East Berlin). Inspired to question by illogic of Berlin Wall. Influenced by chaos, disorder, non conformity and sense of justice. Influenced by Jamie Reid, Andy Warhol, Niagra and spray-can artist ELPH Began screen printing political art in 2000AD to stir the blandness and complacency in society. Society is in krisis. Do not conform. You are ruled by no one.

Bryan Clarke 2004